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Welcome Business Travel Professionals!

I am honored to serve as Chapter President for the Global Business Travel Association, Nebraska-Iowa Chapter.  Since 2001, our chapter has been dedicated to furthuring the professional development of our members by executing on three basic principals: Information, Networking, and Education. 

We believe that information is most effectively exchanged when we provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between managers of corporate travel, travel industry suppliers and regulatory agencies. 

Professional relationships aren't built unless we facilitate an excellent venue for the sharing of travel-related information and professional expertise.

Finally, we strive to enhance the travel profession by sponsoring educational and informational programs for our members and by providing top rated speakers to address travel related issues, concerns and current "hot topic" items.

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers, networking opportunities, community outreach, and continuing education for 2019.  I hope that you will join us at one of our local meetings and be a part of the transofrmation happening in the business travel industry!


Ryan Shrum, Chapter President

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